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Tom Oesch (born September 27, 1980) is a Swiss music video director who works in Hollywood, California.


Oesch grew up in Rebstein, a small rural town in eastern Switzerland, as the son of a doctor. After attending a midnight screening of the movie Jurassic Park in 1993 he decided that he wanted to make movies himself. He went home and shot his first short-film We Are Chips with his father's old camcorder. The short went on to win some local awards and was eventually shown on national television. He was only 14 years old.

After high school he moved to Hollywood, California, in 2000 to pursue his dream. He attended the film program at the prestigious USC School of Cinematic Arts where he wrote and directed several short-films, including the two award-winning shorts Echo (2003) and Sailing for Madagascar (2004).

Oesch graduated with a BA in Cinema-Television in 2004. Only months later he directed his first music video for the alternative rock band Speakers of the House.

Oesch's work has won awards in both Europe and the United States.

He resides in Downtown Los Angeles, California.


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