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Lincoln is a medium sized town/suburb in Placer County with a population of about 46,000 as of 2020. It is one of the fastest growing areas in the whole country.


Lincoln is part of the Northern Central Valley which means it has a dry grassland climate with a low elevation of 167 feet above sea level. The average temperature during summer months is 94 degrees Farenheit and about 50 degrees Farenheit during the wet winter months.


Lincoln, despite being a small town, has many public schools.

Elementary Schools[]

  • Twelve Bridges Elementary School
  • Foskett Ranch Elementary School
  • Creekside Oaks Elementary School
  • Lincoln Crossing Elementary School
  • First Street Elementary School
  • Carlin C. Coppin Elementary School

Middle Schools[]

  • Glen Edwards Middle School
  • Twelve Bridges Middle School

High Schools[]

  • Lincoln High School
  • Twelve Bridges High School (under construction)

Charter Schools[]

  • John Adams Academy (K-12)
  • Horizon Charter School (K-12)

Areas and Neighborhoods[]

There are many different areas of Lincoln, each having different vibes.


The downtown area is the oldest part of Lincoln, and still has the same architectural design as it did in 1890, filled with many different highly rated restaurants and top notch shops, such as Old Town Pizza, Kim’s Country Kitchen, and the Lincoln Gun Exchange. It also has recreation such as many old parks and even the McBean Memorial Park and Pool.

Despite having an old town feel the downtown area also provides many modern amenities on the Old Highway 65, such as a Walmart Neighbored Market, tons of fast-food chains, and even a plaza where they have a post office, shops, salons, pizza places, gyms, etc.

Lincoln Crossing[]

Although most of Lincoln being on the east side of Highway 65, Lincoln Crossing is on the west side. It is one of the newer and nicer editions of Lincoln, with having tons of parks, including Dr. Nathan Dubin Park, and having an elementary school near the area, the cost of living here is higher than most other places in Lincoln, with the average house being $600,000, compared to the average home in Lincoln being $450,000. But a lot of the residents in Lincoln Crossing say the price is worth it.

Twelve Bridges[]

The newest and most modern area of Lincoln, Twelve Bridges continues to expand with tons of nice homes, healthcare services, golf courses, and schools. It is the nicer area of Lincoln to live in, however, the average home here is around $759,000, even higher than Lincoln Crossing.

Crime in Twelve Bridges is extremely low, although all of Lincoln has very little crime.


The Foskett area is in the northwest part of Lincoln has a few parks, including Foskett Regional Park, one of the biggest parks in Lincoln including a baseball field, bike path, tons of space, and even a little water park for kids to play in, (although it is sometimes shut down if a drought is currently happening). Homes here are cheaper than Lincoln Crossing and Twelve Bridges, and still has a nice suburban feel.


Even though this is a very small neighborhood that is across the street from Foskett, there is currently a ton of renovations and additions currently happening to the area. The small neighborhood will be expecting to get 500 new homes and 5 new parks, estimated to be finished by 2026. A lot of the homes here have pools, and is reasonable for the area with the average home price of $500,000.

Virginiatown Road Area[]

This area includes many homes and parks, but also has a lot of churches, including an LDS stake center and the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness. It is ideally located near the downtown so most homes are at a walkable or bikeablr distance from some shops and schools, such as Carlin C. Coppin Elementary School.

Lincoln Crossing Marketplace[]

Near Lincoln Crossing is the center of shopping for Lincoln, having over 50 shops and restaurants of all-kind, so you won’t have to leave Lincoln much for basic amenities. Shops here include Big 5 Sporting Goods, Ross, Target, The Home Depot, Lowes, and Gamestop. Restutants here include Blaze Pizza, McDonalds, Panda Express, In-n-Out, Subway, and Kobe Teppanyaki & Sushi.


About 39% of Lincoln is religious, with about half of the religious people being Catholic, mostly due to the large Hispanic population in Lincoln. You will also see a lot of Mormons, or members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, with about 5% of the population of Lincoln being Mormon, (there is also a 15% Mormon population in neighboring town Loomis). The rest of religious people make up Christian faiths.

Bordering Towns[]

Lincoln is about a 15 minutes drive from the suburbs Rocklin and Roseville, a 20 minute drive from the small town of Wheatland, a 10 minute drive from the small town of Whitney, and a 15 minute drive from the extremely small towns of Virginiatown, Sheridan, Pleasant Grove, and Kilaga Springs.


In contrast to Placer County’s neighboring counties and the rest of California, Lincoln is one of the most conservative towns in California, with about 65% of residents being Republican, and only about 28% of the population are Democrats. Using Republican policies, Lincoln has turned into a great place, outshining a lot of other areas in California, which is one reason why a lot of people are moving to the area.

Lincoln, along with Placer County, has voted for a Republican president since 1980, and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. Finding a conservative county in California is very hard, and the only other conservative counties you can find are in the Northeast part of California.

Overall Rating[]

Lincoln is one of the best areas to live in California. Despite having a higher cost of living compared to the U.S, it is still much cheaper than the other major cities and suburbs, and the price is worth it. With having good school, tons of parks, very low crime, extremely friendly residents, lots of restaurants and shops, many different cultures, amazing weather, and a big sense of community, Lincoln is almost a paradise. The only downsides are the high school isn’t great, the homes can be pretty pricy, and the commute isn’t the best, but other than that, Lincoln is a gold mine.