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Britton demonstrating stunt riding

Jason Britton is an American motorcycle stunt rider who grew up in Huntington Beach, California. It was here that he started riding motorcycles at the age of two. At the age of twelve, he started racing moto-cross.

Now an expert rider, Britton has taken his riding talent and skills in extreme sports to a new art form. He takes on challenging Hollywood roles in films such as “Torque” (doubling for Ice Cube) and stunt work in “Biker Boyz,” and “Waist Deep.”

Jason is the currently hosting “Super Bikes!” and is the Executive Editor of 2Wheel Tuner Magazine as well as a contributing force to the new online community, check out his profile at Now a seasoned rider/entertainer, he still finds the time to collect bikes and make extreme videos. His “No Limit” riding style can be seen on many extreme videos such as “Urban Assault”, “All Twisted and Pucked-Up”, “Urban Assault II”, “Get On Up”, Get On Up II”, “Revolution Twenty 04,” “Revolution Twenty 05,” “Get On Up III” and newly released “Get On Up 4”.

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