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Template:Infobox Artist Billy Boy On Poison was a rock n roll band from Los Angeles, California. Andrew Leahy of suggested the band was "[l]ike the glittery offspring of the New York Dolls", and they "create a debauched, glammy, gender-bending style of rock & roll".[1] The band formed in 2005 with original members Davis LeDuke, Ryan Wallengren and Jess Calcaterra. The band was managed by Blue Cave Entertainment Group, LLC (BCEG). In 2007 the addition of guitarist Gregory West was made. After writing and recording with producer Chris Sorensen and songwriter Michael Gurley, and engineers Big Stu Brantley and Doug Messenger--- BCEG began shopping the band, and they were subsequently signed by Kiefer Sutherland and Jude Cole of Ironworks Music.[2] In 2008, bass player Julian Borego was replaced, and after a rotating cast of bass players, the band settled with Jacob Pillot in April 2009.

At the same time the line-up was settled, Paul Lester at The Guardian featured them as a New Band of the Day. His summation, from April 30, 2009, has remained constant with the band: "Every so often a band come along and promise, threaten even, to bring scuzzy glamour and outlaw allure back to rock'n'roll, to restore it to first principles".[3] They made their first television appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on May 21, 2009,[4] publicizing the upcoming album release. On July 7, 2009 their debut album, Drama Junkie Queen, was released to great critical acclaim. Their single "On My Way" has been featured in promos for television shows including Gossip Girl and Entourage, along with spots in several commercials,[5] and finally on the soundtrack for the 2011 video game Driver: San Francisco. In addition, the group has opened for the likes of Jet, Stone Temple Pilots, and Weezer.

Their name originates from a quote from A Clockwork Orange Novel and Film.

On March 13th, 2011, the band announced via their Twitter account that they have officially broken up and will no longer play together.


  • Davis LeDuke (lead vocals)
  • Ryan Wallengren (guitars, vocals)
  • Jess Calcaterra (drums)
  • Greg West (guitars, vocals)
  • Jacob Pillot (bass)



  • Sweet Mess EP (2008, Ironworks)
  • Drama Junkie Queen (2009, Ironworks)


  • On My Way (2009)
  • Angry Young Man (2009)
  • 4 Leaf Clover (2010)


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